MBS Global Investments, the investment division of the Private Office of Sheikh Nayef Bin Eid Al Thani, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Enigma Strategy Ltd. This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone for both entities as they embark on a joint journey toward shaping the future of financial services.

The alliance with Enigma Strategy opens up new avenues for collaboration, reinforcing MBS’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the financial landscape.

The strategic alignment between MBS Global Investments and Enigma Strategy is designed to be mutually beneficial. Enigma Strategy, as an FCA-regulated asset manager based in London, gains an exciting opportunity to expand its presence in the Middle East and the Far East, tapping into the diverse markets and opportunities these regions offer.

This alliance is not only a collaboration in business but a synergy of values and goals. It paves the way for joint initiatives in crucial areas such as Equities, Sharia Products, and Derivatives, with a shared vision of providing sustainable and impactful financial solutions, including green investments.

Nadeem Hussain, representing the CEO of MBS Global Investments, expressed the organization’s happiness regarding the alliance. “We are thrilled to announce this strategic alliance with Enigma. The combined strengths of our institutions, paired with a shared commitment to excellence, will undoubtedly create significant value for all stakeholders involved,” he shared.

Roderic Owen-Thomas, the representative from Enigma Strategy, reciprocated the excitement, emphasizing the strategic value of the alliance. “Enigma is honored to join forces with MBS Global Investments. This partnership not only supports our expansion goals but aligns with our dedication to delivering outstanding service to our clients. Together, we look forward to charting new territories and setting new standards in the industry,” he stated.

As MBS Global Investments and Enigma Strategy embark on this collaborative journey, the focus remains on leveraging their collective strengths to provide enduring value to clients. This alliance represents a commitment to innovation, growth, and a client-centric approach, shaping a dynamic future for the financial services sector.